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Your Mailbox in San Marino for 100€ per year!

Your Street Address in San Marino for 200€ per year!


Maildrop.sm is a service delivered by San Marino Management Srl, a company registered and licensed in San Marino with full staff 8 hours a day. Maildrop's office delivers the best level of service with the best level of privacy in the world.

San Marino is located inside Italy but it's an independent Republic, with own Government and laws since 301 a.d. Who can ask for more stability?
Please read Wikipedia articles for more informations about this Country.

You can have your maildrop both as mailbox or street address in matter of minutes: we process your mail in many different ways.

Look our solutions in detail!


We offer two different levels of service to our clients:

With this maildrop service you can receive only letters, mail is processed weekly and delivered to your home or business address.
This is a very smart and cheap solution for EVERYONE!

With this maildrop service you can receive letters, envelopes, parcels and small packages. Mail is processed daily (Monday to Friday)
in several ways. This maildrop service definitely provides you presence!

Completely customizable virtual secretary service, with telephone activations from different Countries of the world and live answer!

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